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Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs in Canton & Surrounding North Georgia Areas

In the quest for an aesthetically appealing roof that is also durable, safe and affordable, you’ve likely seen a very wide variety of materials. The specialists at Fowler Homes would like to bring to your attention one of our personal favorite roofing materials: synthetic cedar shake.  This is an absolutely gorgeous, long-lasting, rustic roofing material that boasts a great many number of benefits aside from its innate beauty. What is a synthetic cedar shake roof? In a nutshell, our DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic cedar shakes:

  • Come with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty
  • Are more cost-effective than wooden cedar shakes
  • Are virtually maintenance-free
  • Have all the beauty and authenticity of genuine wooden shakes
  • Add extraordinary beauty to your home without the upkeep and cost of using natural materials

At Fowler Homes, we want our consumers to end up with a roof that is not only functional; we want your end result to be beautiful. We’ve been bringing superior roofing solutions to Georgia for years, and our experts provide some of the best service in the industry!

Think a synthetic roof might just be the solution you’ve been looking for? Contact our experts today to learn more about our Canton, GA synthetic cedar shake options, and other roofing services.

Wonder if our claims are based in reality? Take a moment to look over reviews from some of our satisfied customers. They guarantee our work, and so do we!

What Is Synthetic Cedar Shake?

Our synthetic cedar shakes are created of a polymer composite that looks and feels like real cedar. Using state-of-the-art chemistry, Davinci’s Roofscapes offer a shake shingle that boasts durability you can’t find in a wood shingle. Davinci offers various styles, which include synthetic shingles that mimic hand-sawn, split, and machine-sawn shakes. There is a full spectrum of colors to choose from, so you can rest assured your synthetic roofing material will match your home’s aesthetic.

You have options of multi-width shake shingles, single-width shakes shingles, and Bellaforte Shake.

Davinci Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Tiles


The Benefits of a Davinci Synthetic Cedar Shake Roof

A synthetic cedar shake roof can bring you a number of unique benefits. Our Davinci synthetic roofing products are:

  • Beautiful. No one will be able to tell the difference between natural wooden shakes and synthetic roof shakes.
  • Long-lasting. Because they resist natural wear-and-tear, synthetic shakes last longer than natural wood.
  • Lightweight. Heavy roofing materials place a heavy load on your home’s foundation. The more lightweight a roofing material, the less pressure on your home’s structure.
  • Impervious to freeze/thaw cycles. Forget splitting and leaks!
  • Maintenance-free. Forget about needing to replace shingles after every hurricane season.
  • Color-fade resistant. Look forward to years of the color you originally chose.
  • Class A fire rated (with specific underlayments). Top of the line safety for your family.
  • UL 2218 Class 4 impact rated. Perfect for Georgia roofs that experience hail damage.
  • Resistant to wind speeds up to 110 mph. If you’re tired of replacing shingles every winter, this is the material for you.

Synthetic Roofing Solutions in Canton, GA with Fowler Homes

We make it our personal goal to always provide our consumers with the absolute best. The best service, the best skill, and the best equipment are all required to build the lasting business relationships we hold with our consumers. Our professionals want to supply you with more than just a great roof, but a great experience as well. Contact us today to learn more about our cedar shake roof services, or to learn about more of our other roofing services!

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