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Call Us Today770-744-5992

Storm Damage in Canton & Surrounding North Georgia Areas

Hail Damage Atlanta Ga

Storm Damage in Marietta, Canton & Jasper

Hail and strong winds are common occurrences in the Atlanta area.  If you think that storms may have caused damage to your house, Fowler Homes offers free storm damage inspections. Our team boasts trained storm damage experts with extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies.  Our professionals will assist you through every step of the claims process, making sure your home is repaired and your life is not interrupted.

For effective roof storm damage repair in Marietta, Canton, Jasper, and the surrounding area, count on Fowler Homes

Emergency Repair Services in Canton, GA

In the case of emergencies, Fowler Homes inc offers 24/7 emergency response.  If a storm has caused heavy debris to damage your house or hail and wind have caused a major leak to your roof, please call and have our team come out to your house to remove the debris and temporarily stop the leak in order to prevent further damage.

Our Storm Damage Assessment Process

When a representative comes out to your home, you will need to have the following information to make the process easier:

  • Insurance policy
  • Policy number
  • Agent information

The Process to Repair Your Home

Step 1: Contact Fowler Homes for a free, no-obligation inspection.

  • Our trained roof specialist inspects home for hail and wind damage
  • Documents damage and takes measurements

Step 2: Contact insurance company to begin claim if damage is present.

  • Fowler Homes will assist you in setting up a claim with your insurance company
  • Provide Fowler Homes with claim number and adjuster contact info

Step 3: Fowler Homes meets with insurance adjuster to inspect roof.

  • Fowler Homes represents the home owner during the inspection, ensuring that all damage is covered.
  • Fowler Homes reviews claim scope of work with adjuster.
  • Adjuster files paperwork with insurance company

Step 4: Insurance company sends settlement paperwork

  • Fowler Homes reviews paperwork, making sure the settlement is enough to pay for damages.

Step 5: Work begins

  • Homeowner chooses material and colors
  • Job is completed according to scope of work and Homeowners Satisfaction

Step 6:  Job complete

  • Fowler Homes does not collect any money till the job is completely finished
  • Final inspection with home owner and Fowler Homes

Roof Storm Damage Services Near Atlanta, Georgia

Fowler Homes can assist you in the claims process but we will need your written permission to deal directly with your insurance company.  If you would rather deal with your insurance company by yourself, we will assist you step by step through the claims process.

Contact us online or by phone at 770-744-5992 to learn about our storm damage roof repairs in Canton, Marietta, and the surrounding towns.

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  • I wish to take this opportunity to extend my greatest thanks for your service and the professionalism of your company when I contacted you in my time of need.

    -Jason M.
  • For those that need repairs to their homes they must do themselves the favor of contacting Fowler Homes.

    -Bess and John
  • I contracted with Fowler Homes to replace a roof on my house that had been recently damaged by hail. Fowler Homes worked with me and my insurance company with no problems whatsoever.

    -Brad P.