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Stone-Coated Metal Shingle Repair in Canton & Surrounding North Georgia Areas

The use of stone-coated metal shingles comes together to create one of our absolute favorite roofing styles. The visual appeal of traditional stone-coated shingles, with all of the benefits of a strong, durable metal roof all rolled into one! At Fowler Homes, we understand that protecting your gorgeous metal roof is an absolute priority, and we take your repair needs seriously.

Even though they’re hardy and reliable, you may need repairs to your stone coated metal shingles. Some signs you should call us include:

  • Loose granules
  • Cracks or damaged shingles
  • Bowing roof, or a roof that begins to sag inward
  • Missing shingles

Fowler Homes boasts a combined twenty years of experience, expertly trained specialists, and superior service and technology. We’re confident we can bring you the absolute best metal shingle repair in Atlanta bar none!

Do you need expert metal shingle repair in the Canton, Marietta, and Woodstock, Georgia, areas? Contact us today! Want to learn more about our business? Have a look at reviews from other satisfied patrons!

Signs You Need Stone-Coated Metal Shingle Repairs

A stone-coated shingle roof exhibits many of the same signs as other metal roof types, but they carry a few unique issues to keep an eye out for as well:

  • Loose granules. Stone-coated shingles use similar granules as those found on other shingle-type roofs. Over time, or after incurring damage, you may find loose granules in the gutters, in runoff, or dusted around your yard. If you notice these, it’s time to seek repair!
  • Missing shingles. A damaged roof may begin to lose shingles if you miss the early warning signs, or a particularly nasty situation arises. If you find spots on your roof missing shingles, call a professional to have it repaired right away. Left alone, these places missing shingles can lead to leaking, water damage, and extensive permanent roof damage.
  • Cracked or damaged shingles. They’re made of metal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re totally impervious. Keep an eye out for cracked or damaged shingles, as these need to be replaced before extensive damage can occur.
  • Leaks. If you begin to notice water damage, water spots, or find a consistent leak in your attic, the roof may be the culprit. Contact a professional right away to avoid a potential costly roof replacement!

Expert Stone-Coated Shingle Repair in Canton, Georgia with Fowler Homes

At Fowler Homes, we feel that our work is more than just a job. To us, your roof is art, and it deserves all of the care we can muster! Allow our experts the opportunity to ensure your stone-coated shingle roof serves you for a lifetime. We can guarantee your complete satisfaction, and our history backs up that claim! Contact Fowler Homes to learn more about our roof repair solutions, or to set an appointment!

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  • For those that need repairs to their homes they must do themselves the favor of contacting Fowler Homes.

    -Bess and John
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