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Steel Roofing in Canton, Georgia

One thing we frequently hear is customers using the terms steel roofing and metal roofing interchangeably. While steel roofing is a type of metal roofing, not all metal roofing is steel.  Steel creates a roof that can not only satisfy all of your needs, but can be appealing visually as well.

There are a number of excellent steel roofing options, each with its own perks and (occasionally and situationally) drawbacks. So how do you choose the steel roofing type that suits your specific needs? Well, our experts can provide the knowledge you need to make the choice as painless as possible! Find out more about steel roofing, types of steel roofing, and considerations to think about below!

Considering steel roofing in Canton, Georgia or the surrounding areas? Visit the certified specialists at Fowler Homes today to learn more about how we can help you build the roof you desire! Curious about what our previous customers have to say about us? Have a look at some excellent testimonials!

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Steel Roofing Types

So, which type of metal roof are you looking for? You’ve certainly got some solid options:

Standing-Seam Steel Roofs

Standing seam roofs provide a sturdy option, with plenty of visual appeal. A standing-seam roof provides additional weatherproofing with their raised seams (“Standing seam” is quite literal), and are excellent at repelling and preventing water damage.

Ribbed Panel Steel Roofing

A ribbed panel roof provides a practical, industrial-looking roof that resists weather and sun damage. Similar to the corrugated metal roofs of the past, ribbed panel roofs improve upon the concept and provide additional benefits in durability and longevity.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

For those who seek the benefits of a metal roof, but don’t particularly care for the look, Fowler Homes offers superior stone-coated options. These roofing types provide a wide array of appearances to suit any tastes, while maintaining the sturdy dependability of a metal roof.

Steel Shingle Roofs

Featuring a reduced weight when compared to asphalt, steel shingled roofs feature a handsome appearance and all of the perks of a metal roof, with a more traditional appearance.

The Benefits of a Steel Roof in Canton, GA

Metal roofing in Canton has been around for quite some time, but have seen more and more use in roofing in the past few decades. Why? Well, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Longevity. One of the biggest and most popular perks, a properly maintained metal roof stands to last more than fifty years. In many cases, they can last generations.
  • Reduced weight. Strange as it may sound, a metal roof weighs less per square foot than many roofing materials. This creates less of a load on your structure, reducing the risk of building failure and sagging.
  • Energy-efficiency. Many steel roofing types carry an added benefit of energy efficiency, reducing thermal transfer.
  • Safety. A steel roof carries some of the highest safety ratings in the industry, boasting exceptional fire and weather resistances.


If you are debating between a steel roof and another type of metal, there are a few things to consider. Steel roofing is more corrosive than aluminum when not treated properly, and like any metal roof, is more of an upfront investment than asphalt shingles.

Superior Steel Roofing in Canton, GA with Fowler Homes

Fowler Homes has been providing top-quality roofing solutions to homes and businesses alike for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve established ourselves as a business that brings dependability, integrity and honesty to every project. It is our endless goal to ensure our patrons get a gorgeous roof that exceeds expectations in all aspects! To learn more about our services, or if you have any questions, contact our experts today!

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