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Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Kennesaw, Georgia

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For roofing that doesn’t only look good but also stands up to the elements, standing seam metal roofing is the way to go. It’s thicker and more durable than its cousin, which means it can stand up to any type of weather Kennesaw is thrown. It also lasts upwards of 50 years and comes in a huge array of colors sure to match your home.

We’ve been installing standing seam roofing in Kennesaw for more than 20 years, and we’re confident you’ll love our services. If you ever need repairs in the future, you know who to call!

Is a standing seam roof perfect for your Kennesaw home or business? Contact Fowler Homes today! While you’re here, take a look at some testimonials from a few of our favorite customers.

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What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Like all most metal roofing, standing seam comes in sheets and panels that lock together. Almost impenetrable by rain, these raised seams where the panels lock together are what give standing seam its name. They are secured one of two ways, either with hidden anchors under the interlocking panel, or with visible fasteners.

Standing seam bears some similarity to their cousin, corrugated metal roofing (or ribbed panel roofing) which you commonly see on industrial and commercial buildings (you occasionally see corrugated metal on residential structures as well, but it’s fairly uncommon). The differences lie mainly in aesthetics, but standing seam roofing also utilizes a thicker sheet of metal and overall provides a greater durability.

Why You Should Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Kennesaw

Why exactly is standing seam metal great for roofs? Well, this style provides a number of benefits, some purely visual, but many make the choice practical as well:

  • Durability.  All metal roofs are lauded for exceptional lifespans and stout construction, but the thicker steel of standing seam plays into an overall stronger structure.
  • Raised seams. Its name in and of itself describes a massive benefit of standing seam. The raised seams improve weatherproofing, making leaks and water damage much less likely.
  • Energy-efficiency. Due to having various lighter colors available, standing seam can improve the efficiency of your home by protecting against solar thermal energy transfer, keeping your home cooler in the summers.
  • Aesthetics. Due to a wide variety of color options, and possessing a unique and bold look, standing seam roofs stand out in a really gorgeous way, and fit into many home styles.

Unique Roof Designs and Styles in the Kennesaw, Georgia Area

You should only expect the best services when it comes to your home, and you won’t be let down by our expertise and customer service. The professionals at Fowler Homes strive to provide more than simple roofing services. We are dedicated to excellence, in all aspects, and strive to bring only the absolute best in service, skill and options. Your roof is more than a simple home fixture, but an aspect of your design. We feel roofing is an art, and should be treated as such. Contact our specialists today to learn more about our metal roofing options, or to schedule an appointment!


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  • I wish to take this opportunity to extend my greatest thanks for your service and the professionalism of your company when I contacted you in my time of need.

    -Jason M.
  • For those that need repairs to their homes they must do themselves the favor of contacting Fowler Homes.

    -Bess and John
  • I contracted with Fowler Homes to replace a roof on my house that had been recently damaged by hail. Fowler Homes worked with me and my insurance company with no problems whatsoever.

    -Brad P.