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Roof Repairs in Canton, Georgia

Your roof is vital to the protection of your home. If it is compromised by water or wind damage, you could face extensive damages to your home. This is a chilling reality, but Canton residents can rest assured, knowing that Fowler Homes is ready to assist with roof repairs that may call for:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Copper standing seam metal
  • Standing seam metal
  • Ribbed panel metal
  • Stone coated metal
  • Modified bitumen (flat)

Insurance companies use the word “envelope” when they’re mailing you a bill. But builders and contractors use this word frequently when they’re referring to your home’s roof, walls, subfloors, doors, and windows. They agree with insurance companies on one important point: your roof represents the most important part of your home’s envelope. Fowler Homes is onboard with this reality, too, and works diligently to keep all the “envelopes” in Canton sealed from the outdoor elements.

If your Canton roof needs repair, contact us online or over the phone at 770-744-5992. Schedule your consultation today!

Signs You Need Roof Repair in Canton

You might notice granules on the sidewalk around your home. They might be accompanied by some shingles, especially after a fierce Georgia storm. Or you might glance outside a second-story window and notice that some of your flashings look warped and bent. As tempting as it might be to climb out on your roof to take a closer look, resist this urge. A roof is no place for a novice; in fact, its uneven and often slippery surface can make it a very dangerous place. Instead, call Fowler Homes to schedule a roof inspection. Other signs might signal that it’s time for a roof repair, too, including:

  • Your roof is at least 15 years old
  • Your roof looks worn or discolored
  • Shingles are missing
  • Shingles are broken, buckled, cracked or curled
  • Shingles are covered with moss
  • Flashings around the chimney, pipes, dormer windows, skylights and other openings are missing
  • Flashings are cracked or riddled with rust
  • You spot puddles of water on your roof

If your roof is exhibiting any of these signs of distress, contact us online today for roof repair in Canton!

The Importance of Roof Repairs in Canton

It’s been said that “if you take care of your home, it will take care of you.” This truism takes on extra meaning when you single out your roof. You depend on your roof to keep you safe and protected from the outdoor elements. But remaining vigilant about roof maintenance pays other dividends too. A structurally sound roof will help your home be more energy efficient, which will keep your utility bills in check. It will directly affect the quality of your indoor air. And a roof that is beautiful to look at —one that enhances the color and architecture of your home—can also enhance your home’s curb appeal. Your home will be one of “the lookers” on the block—and might be easier to sell once the time comes. Let Georgia’s most trusted roofing company help you take care of your roof so that it never fails to take care of you.

Schedule Roof Repair in Canton, GA

Is your roof getting old or has it recently suffered storm damage? Fowler Homes can help! We’ve seen it all when it comes to roof damages in Georgia; our experienced team is more than ready to help.

Contact us today to schedule roof repair in Canton or the surrounding areas!

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