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Roof Leaks in Woodstock, Georgia

The roof is one of the most important elements of the home because it protects from weather and the elements. A leaking roof in Woodstock is especially problematic because of the high heat and humidity in the area. If you find yourself with a roof leak in your Woodstock home, it’s important to be proactive and call the experts for help. If roof leaks aren’t promptly taken care of, they can cause major issues such as rotting wood, water damage, and mold in the summer months.

Fowler Homes is on call 24/7 to fix your leaking roof and can come to your home immediately in most instances. Any time you notice brown spots on your ceiling or notice your roof is leaking, call us right away! We also offer other professional roof services in Georgia.

For roof leak repair in Woodstock, contact Fowler Homes or call 770-744-5992 today.

Signs You Have a Leaking Roof in Woodstock

Often Woodstock homeowners are unaware they have a roofing problem or a roof leak until a spring storm rolls through Woodstock and they suddenly hear the water dripping on their ceiling. Below are a few things you can look for to see if you have a leaking roof.

  • Brown stains on your drywall
  • Rotted decking in your attic
  • Missing shingles on your roof
  • Mold growth

While many roof problems such as failing pipe boots are impossible to spot from the ground, common issues listed above can often be spotted by walking around your property.

Repair your leaky roof and call 770-744-5992 or contact Fowler Homes online!

What to Do When You Discover Your Woodstock Roof Is Leaking

Often you will notice a leaky roof in the middle of the night when someone might not be able to solve the problem right away. To minimize damage and protect your home, there are a few steps you can take before a roofer arrives:

  • Place a bucket in the attic to collect water.
  • Remove any valuables that might be damaged by water.
  • Put down towels to absorb water.
  • Put a fan in the area to help dry any excess moisture.

In the case of major leaks that are the result of storm damage, please call us immediately for 24-hour emergency roof repair service in the Woodstock area. Fowler Homes will come out and place a tarp on your roof until a permanent solution for your leaking roof can be found.

In the case of storm damage in Woodstock, your insurance company may cover the cost of temporary emergency repairs, and Fowler Homes will happily walk you through the process of filing a claim and meeting your adjuster.

Contact Fowler Homes for emergency roof repair and storm damage repair in Woodstock.

Why Choose Fowler Homes for Leaky Roof Repair in Woodstock, GA?

With every roof we inspect Fowler Homes offers a free 15 Point Roof Inspection that covers the entire roofing system, ensuring that you fully understand what’s going on with your roof and how you can minimize your cost in the future by repairing small problems before they become roof failures.

Fowler Homes will:

  • Install a tarp if temporary repairs are required
  • Offer a free 15-point roofing inspection
  • Offer a complete estimate to resolve your roof leaks
  • Warranty leak repairs for a year
  • Repair any interior damage resulting from your roof leak

The Woodstock area is extremely familiar with torrential rain. Many of the leaky roofs we repair could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

If you have discovered a roof leak please give us a call today at 770-744-5992 or fill out the form on this page for a quote and roof inspection. If your roof has failed and you need a full roof replacement, go here.

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