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Roof Leak Repair in North Atlanta, Georgia

Your North Atlanta home’s roof is the first, and sometimes last, line of defense against water damage in the extreme Georgia weather. We deal with heat and humidity levels that translate into wild storms on the regular around here, and that makes keeping your roof in top shape an absolute priority. That’s why the roofer specialists at Fowler Homes offer superior roof repair to our residential and commercial clients.

Our experts are trained, certified, and on-call at all hours to handle your roof repair needs. If you wake up to an impromptu indoor pool in your living room, or spot water damage on a day off, we’ll be there to help. Don’t wait or hesitate! A swift response is often the difference between a simple repair and extensive structural damage—so any time you spot a leak, or the signs of one, contact us right away.

Dealing with roof damage or a leak in North Atlanta, GA? Contact Fowler Homes now, or dial 770-744-5992 to get in contact with our emergency service team immediately!

What Should I Do If My Roof Is Leaking in North Atlanta?

It’s important not to panic when you see a roof leak, but it is also important to act quickly. Priority number one is to call your trusted roof repair experts, but also it’s going to take a little bit of time for someone to get there. In the meantime minimize damage by:

  • Moving all valuables, cloth, and possessions away from the leak area.
  • Setting up a bucket or basin to collect dripping water.
  • Placing towels around the drip area, as it’s unlikely the bucket will catch it all.
  • Placing a fan or portable dehumidifier in the room to facilitate drying and minimize the risks of rot or mold

At Fowler Homes, we understand that complex or disastrous issues like storm damage can present a long-term problem that doesn’t have an immediate solution. Should this happen in your home, be sure to contact us right away.

Most cases of temporary storm damage emergency repairs and solutions can be covered by your insurance. Our experts will be glad to help you understand the process of filing your claim.

Why Choose Fowler Homes for Leaky Roof Repair in North Atlanta, GA?

Our roofing specialists and certified contractors take your roof and home’s safety seriously. Each inspection service comes with a full 15-point inspection process to ensure complete coverage of the roofing system, from the eaves to the ridges. With our complete inspections you can identify issues early and apply appropriate preventative measures, helping you save money and avoid stress.

Our team will:

  • Provide a temporary tarp installation for emergency repairs
  • Provide you with a complimentary 15-point roofing inspection
  • Compile a comprehensive assessment of all repairs needed
  • Offer a full-year warranty on all roofing repair services in North Atlanta
  • Repair interior damage caused by a leak, including rot damage, structural damage, and more

In North Atlanta storms, high winds, and excessive amounts of rain are all commonplace. Your roof needs to be at the peak of its health and performance at all times, so be sure to keep up with proper roof maintenance!

If you need help with maintenance services, or you need roof repair services in North Atlanta, contact Fowler Homes. Need to speak to a specialist about your roof right away? Dial  770-744-5992!

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