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Roof Leaks in Acworth, Georgia

The roof is your home’s most important protection from the elements. When it springs a leak, you could be left with a puddle of water on your living room floor. Then again, some roof leaks remain hidden from sight, slowly damaging the insulation and rotting wood beams in your attic. If roof leaks aren’t promptly taken care of, you could have serious structural problems or mold growth to contend with.

Fortunately, Fowler Homes is here for you! We’re on call 24 hours a day to repair roof leaks in Acworth, GA. In most instances, we can respond immediately to requests for emergency service.

If you think you have a leaky roof, it’s imperative that you call our expert roofing contractors right away to mitigate any damage! Contact us today.

Signs You Have a Roof Leak in Acworth, GA

Many homeowners in Acworth don’t know they have a roof leak until water drips down from the ceiling! Luckily, there are ways to spot damage before it comes to this. Walk around the inside and outside of your home and look for these signs of a leaky roof:

  • Water stains on the wall or ceiling
  • Musty smell in the attic
  • Moldy attic insulation
  • Rotted decking
  • Algae or mold growth on the roof
  • Curling, buckling, or missing shingles
  • Damaged flashing around roof penetrations

If you spot any of these signs of a leaky roof, contact Fowler Homes right away to schedule a repair.

What to Do if Your Roof Is Leaking

When a roof leak is severe enough that water drips into the living space during a torrential downpour, you must act quickly to minimize water damage. Here’s what to do before a roofing contractor arrives:

  • Place a bucket under the drip to collect water. If possible, climb into the attic and collect water dripping directly from the roof.
  • Remove valuables from the area that could be damaged by water.
  • Place old towels on the ground to absorb water.
  • Aim a fan at the area to help dry up moisture.

After you complete these tips to mitigate water damage from a leaky roof, the final step is to contact Fowler Homes and request a roof repair. If the leak has caused severe storm damage, call us immediately!

Why Choose Our Expert Roofing Contractors to Repair Your Roof Leak in Acworth?

When it comes to fixing leaky roofs, there’s no time to waste. The faster you select a reputable company to work with, the more effectively you can mitigate damage. Here are the qualities that set Fowler Homes apart from other roofers in Acworth:

  • We provide a free 15-point roof inspection during every repair job we complete. This tells you more about what’s going on with your roof so you can repair any minor problems before they develop into costly roof failures.
  • We offer tarp services to minimize water damage during stormy weather until we can perform a permanent repair.
  • We provide up-front estimates that cover the complete cost to resolve your roof issues.
  • Our leak repairs come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Our team can repair the interior damage that resulted from your leaky roof. This way, you don’t need to search for a separate restoration company in Acworth.
  • We provide full roof replacement if the damage is too severe for a roof repair.
  • We’ll walk you through filing a homeowner’s insurance claim to make sure you receive the coverage you deserve.

Acworth, Georgia is prone to torrential rainfall, so it’s important to have a dependable roof over your head. Many of the repairs we complete could have been prevented with proper roof maintenance. Let us inspect your roof even if you don’t suspect a leak for your peace of mind.

For all your roofing service needs, choose Fowler Homes! We proudly serve Acworth, Kennesaw, and the surrounding metro Atlanta areas.

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