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Metal Roofing Installation in Woodstock, GA


Metal roofing is one of the most prominent methods of roof installation and for good reason. Metal roofing in Woodstock provides a multitude of benefits beyond aesthetics, and has proven time and time again to be an overall excellent choice. The professionals at Fowler Homes have years of experience in metal roof installation, and can offer the skill and knowledge needed to provide your home with a top-quality metal roof.

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At Fowler Homes, our team boasts some of the best and brightest in the field, generating industry-leading work that is always sure to impress. We put great effort in providing excellence in each project we undertake, and will not rest until you are absolutely satisfied with your metal roof installation. Have a glance at the positive words our previous customers have provided!

For the best metal roofers in the business, contact the professionals at Fowler Homes today! You can reach us online, or via phone call at 770-744-5992.

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The Benefits of Metal Roofing in Woodstock

Metal roofs provide some of the best aesthetics in Georgia roofing to date, but there are some practical reasons for choosing it as your material as well.

  • The life expectancy of your metal roof should be roughly as long as that of your home itself. Metal stands up exceptionally well to weather, sun and other forms of damage, and is generally proven to last in excess of fifty years.
  • You may not think it at first, but metal is usually much lighter than many other roofing materials. This reduces the load on your home, and alleviates structural stress.
  • Fire resistance.Metal roofs boast the best fireproof rating amongst all roofing materials.
  • Simple and quick installation.Metal roofs are generally quite easy to install, and take very little time overall, ensuring the job is done efficiently.
  • With numerous styles and materials available, there’s a metal roof to suit any homeowner’s tastes.

Installing the New Metal Roof that Is Right for Your Woodstock Home

The Georgia metal roof industry has come a long way since corrugated tin. There’s quite a bit of variance in material and style, which can often lead a Woodstock homeowner into a bit of confusion in choosing what works best for their home. We hope to assist in this choice by tossing out a few pointers.

  • Understand your needs.The structure, size and style of your Woodstock home do much to dictate what type of metal roof will suit you best. Knowing what materials and styles suit your needs best is crucial in choosing a roof.
  • Understand your climate.While metal roofs in Woodstock are known for great durability, some types suit certain locations best. Take snowfall, rain and storm frequency into account when choosing your roof.
  • Know what is available.There are innumerable types of metal roofs available these days (copper standing seam metal, standing seam metal, ribbed panel metal, stone coated metal shingles), so having a moderate understanding of what’s out there will go a long way in telling you what you want.
  • Be aware of cost.Much like anything else, you will get what you pay for. A good metal roof often exceeds the cost of “standard” roofing materials, but do know that initial cost is offset by less frequent maintenance, and sheer lifespan.

Top-Quality Metal Roof Installation in Woodstock, GA with Fowler Homes

Fowler Homes takes great pride in our work, treating as an art as much as a job. We pledge to offer only the absolute best on every project, and can ensure we meet your every standard. Your unique needs are our top consideration! For more information in metal roof installation in Woodstock, Georgia, or to find out how we can best assist you, contact us today!

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