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Metal Roof Installation in Atlanta, GA

Owing to its gorgeous and unique visual appeal, along with a plethora of structural and practical benefits, metal roofing has become extremely popular for homes in Atlanta. The roofing professionals at Fowler Homes are proud to offer superior metal roof installation in Fulton and DeKalb counties, and with our extensive experience and knowledge, we can ensure you get an ideal installation that will serve your home well for years to come.

Fowler Homes provides a wide range of metal roof options, including:

Our Atlanta roofers have been serving homeowners for over two decades, offering veteran-level knowledge and skill in conjunction with an eye for detail and a focus on complete client satisfaction. When you’re looking for metal roof installation, no matter the size or complexity of the project, you can be sure you’ll receive the best in products and service both with us on your side.

Seeking metal roof installation? Contact Atlanta’s trusted residential roofers by scheduling a consultation online, or call us by dialing 770-744-5992!

Metal Roof Installation in DeKalb & Fulton Counties

As a leading roofing company operating in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, the professionals at Fowler Homes are highly adept at matching a home with the ideal new roof. We take the time to understand your needs and structure of your home, providing a complete analysis that will help you to select the options that meet your budget and needs best.

At Fowler Homes, we aren’t content with anything being second best, and we feel that our clients are much the same. That’s why we offer roofing products from leading manufacturers, and it’s also why we double check every single roofing project we perform.

What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof in Atlanta, GA?

Metal has quickly become one of the most beloved roofing materials in the Atlanta area, both by homeowners and contractors. A metal roof offers tons of excellent advantages, including:

  • Aesthetic versatility. With options like standing seam, metal shingles, and stone-coated steel, there’s a design that will match any home’s look and feel.
  • Strength and dependability. Metal roofs are excellent for fending off any environmental hazard an Atlanta homeowner might experience. They’re great at dealing with wind, sun, rain, and storms, and much more. In fact, a metal roof should last five decades or even more when properly maintained.
  • Exceptional lightness. Metal is actually far lighter than most other roofing materials (metal roofs weigh a fraction of what an asphalt roof will weigh), making them great at minimizing structural stress.
  • Resistance to fire, pests, and more. A metal roof will boast the highest resistance to fire damage in the industry, as well as a resistance to animal intrusion and pest nesting.

Contact us online to get started on your roof installation project in Atlanta!

Superior Metal Roof Installation in Atlanta, Georgia

For our veteran roofers and product experts, nothing is more important than your satisfaction. When you connect with our roofing company for a new metal roof in Atlanta you won’t get a sales pitch, nor will you get vague, hand-wavy responses. You will get superior customer service from a dedicated professional, and from one that has your interests and needs at heart.

For over 20 years our Atlanta roofers have been treating the craft of roofing the way it should be treated. Our job is our passion, and we consider every home and roof a piece of art that demands our full attention.

When you’re ready to work with metal roofers in Atlanta, contact Fowler Homes online or give us a call at 770-744-5992!

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