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Hail Damage in Canton & Surrounding North Georgia Areas

Hailstorm damage is one of the most common reasons for homeowners to file insurance claims for roof repair or replacement. Roofing companies hoping to make a buck know this, so you might receive unsolicited offers to have your roof inspected for damage – at a price, of course.

If hail has hit your Canton-area home, but you’re unsure about the extent of the damage, contact Fowler Homes before you make an insurance claim. We’ll perform a 15-point roof inspection, just as an insurance adjuster might – but we’ll do it for FREE.

While adjusters have the final say about what constitutes hail damage and what doesn’t, an inspection from Fowler Homes could save you the hassle and cost of filing an insurance claim if your roof hasn’t sustained significant damage.

To schedule a free hail damage inspection in North Canton, please contact Fowler Homes online or call our expert roof inspectors at 770-377-8009.

When to Schedule a Hail Damage Inspection

You know it’s time to contact Fowler Homes for a free roof damage inspection if the following circumstances are true:

A Severe Hailstorm Recently Passed Over Your Home

It’s hard to miss the tumult of hail pounding on your roof. However, if you’re at work or out of town when you hear about the storm, you may be unsure whether it passed right over your home. Check hailstorm locations and dates on the NOAA storm reports website. As you navigate the site, keep in mind that green dots represent hail, and black triangles indicate 2-inch-diameter or larger hail.

You Notice Signs of Storm Damage Around Your Property

You don’t have to climb onto your roof to see the destructive remains of a hailstorm. If you see these signs of “collateral damage,” your shingles might also have sustained harm:

  • Dings on the mailbox
  • Holes in window screens
  • Dents in your AC unit
  • Cracks in vinyl or aluminum siding
  • Hail splatter on the driveway
  • Dents in the gutters
  • Chips in your deck handrail

What a Hail Damage Inspection from Fowler Homes Entails

When you call on our experts to inspect your roof for hail damage, these are the steps we take:

  • Test square inspection: Copying an insurance adjuster’s method, we check a 10’ x 10’ square on each slope of your roof. If we find at least eight to 14 hail impacts within this 100-square-foot area, the damage justifies a roof repair or replacement. Some adjusters require the fiberglass mat underneath the asphalt shingles to be “bruised” in order to grant insurance coverage.
  • Soft metal inspection: HVAC exhaust pipes on the roof are usually covered with a soft metal cap, which moderate hailstorms can easily damage. If we see no dents on these vent covers, there’s a good chance sizable hail didn’t fall on your roof, and filing a claim would be a waste of time.
  • Collateral damage inspection: Finally, our team looks for those signs that hail has damaged other areas of your property.

Schedule a Hail Damage Roof Inspection in Canton

If a quick look around your property makes you suspect roof damage from a hailstorm, contact Fowler Homes at 770-377-8009 today to schedule your free 15-point roof inspection. We’ll help you determine if your roof has sustained sufficient hail damage to warrant making an insurance claim.

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