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Hail Damage in Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs roofs receive their fair share of hail damage as severe storms roll through our city every other year or so. In fact, this type of storm damage is a major factor in the decision to repair or replace a roof.

Before you file an insurance claim, contact Fowler Homes to perform a 15-point roof inspection. Unlike other roofing companies in Sandy Springs hoping to make a buck at your expense, we offer roof inspections for FREE! Our services could save you the hassle and cost of filing an insurance claim if it turns out your roof hasn’t sustained significant damage from the latest hailstorm.

To schedule your free hail damage roof inspection, please contact Fowler Homes online or call 770-744-5992. Our expert roof inspectors serve homeowners in the Sandy Springs area.

Is it Time to Schedule a Hail Damage Inspection?

If you’re wondering whether you should have your roof inspected following a storm, look for these signs:

The Hailstorm Passed Directly Over Your Property

If you’re at home when the hailstorm hits, it’s hard to miss the tumult of hailstones hammering your roof. However, you could easily be at work or out of town when you hear about the storm.

To find out if the worst weather passed right over your home, check the NOAA storm reports website. As you look up hailstorm locations and dates, keep in mind that green dots represent hail, and black triangles mean 2-inch-diameter or larger hail hit the ground in that area.

Your Property Shows Signs of Hail Damage

Even without climbing onto your roof, you can see the destructive reminders of the latest hailstorm. Look for these signs of “collateral damage,” which could indicate that your shingles have also sustained harm:

  • Dented mailbox
  • Torn window screens
  • Dinged AC unit
  • Holes or cracks in vinyl or aluminum siding
  • Hail splatter on concrete sidewalks and driveways
  • Dents in the gutter downspouts
  • Chipped deck handrails

What Does a Hail Damage Inspection from Fowler Homes Entail?

When you call our roofing experts, we’ll complete a 15-point inspection free of charge. Here are the steps we take that check specifically for hail damage:

  • Collateral damage inspection: First, we look for signs around your property that prove hailstones have hit the area.
  • Test square inspection: Next, we climb onto your roof and use the same method an insurance adjuster would, to help you decide if the degree of hail damage warrants an insurance claim. This involves inspecting a 10’ x 10’ square on each slope of your roof, looking for at least eight to 14 hail impacts within this 100-square-foot area. Some insurance companies also require the fiberglass mat underneath the asphalt shingles to be “bruised” to cover the cost of roof repair or replacement.
  • Soft metal inspection: Moderate hailstorms easily damage the soft metal caps covering your roof’s HVAC exhaust pipes. If we don’t see dents in these vent covers, that means roof damage is minimal, and filing a claim is probably a waste of time.

Hail Damage Roof Inspections in Sandy Springs

If you suspect a recent hailstorm has damaged your roof, please contact Fowler Homes at 770-744-5992 to schedule a free 15-point roof inspection. Our professional opinion will help you determine if your shingles have sustained significant enough hail damage to warrant making an insurance claim.

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