Knowing what roof, and what roofing materials, suit your needs best is paramount to making a choice that will serve your home or business for years. At Fowler Exteriors, we want our consumers to understand the how, what and why of a roof before making their investments. This way, we can be sure you’re choosing exactly what you want to see in your roof, and we can be sure we’re exceeding your expectations!

A flat roof offers some distinct advantages to homes and businesses alike, particularly in smaller buildings. Our experts have handled countless flat roof projects, and we have the skill, knowledge and experience to provide a roof that will hold fast, hold strong, and look pretty handsome to boot!

Need a flat roof installation that is sure to provide your home or business with safety and security for generations? Call on the experts at Fowler Exteriors today! For a little encouragement, have a look at some of our flawless reviews!

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What Is a Flat Roof?

Every roof has what we call a pitch. This is the angle, or slope of your roof, and many roofs exhibit pitches at an angle. A flat roof installation, as the name suggests, has little to no pitch when compared to other roofing types. Flat roofs can have anywhere from a minimal pitch, up to a pitch of ten degrees, depending on the needs of your roof. Some flat roofs are given a minimal pitch to aid in dealing with weather, or to accommodate the structure it is being installed on.

Flat roofs are seen in homes and businesses alike, often chosen to give an ease of roof access, and for the sheer convenience of a flat roof installation. They boast higher than average structural integrity, and are exceedingly simple to waterproof.

The Benefits of a Flat Roof

Some are obvious, but some benefits of a flat roof installation are lesser known:

  • Simple access and maintenance. Either by the hand of a professional, or the owner of a flat roof, getting on the roof and performing simple maintenance is much simpler than roofs with a steep pitch.
  • Affordable. Flat roofs require simple materials that are readily available on the market, meaning procuring the supplies for a flat roof installation can be very cost-conscientious. Further, in the hands of a professional the installation can be a breeze, making flat roofs an excellent choice.
  • Structural stability. Flat roof installation is a fantastic example of simplicity offering great rewards. Due to the nature of a minimal pitched, or pitchless roof, flat roofs are very structurally sound. This allows them to handle weather and damage other roofing materials may balk at.
  • Versatility. A large number of business owners and homeowners looking for a flat roof intend to install a green roof, or a roof that can support gardening activity. This makes a flat roof an exceptional option for those who have little landscaping options, or those who grow plants that need excellent sun exposure.

Superior Roofing Options in Georgia with Fowler Exteriors

No matter what roofing material or type you desire, our experts are ready and capable of supplying you with the very best. Our team boasts excellent skill and knowledge, and are trained in the latest techniques. At Fowler Exteriors, it is our goal to provide you with not only an excellent roof, but a roof that is beautiful, and worthy of admiration. For more information on our roofing options and services, contact us online today!

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