Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

Metal roofing has skyrocketed in popularity around Georgia lately, and the specialists at Fowler Homes couldn’t be happier! We proudly feature metal in many of our favorite projects and find it to be truly one of the most versatile and functional of roofing materials available. However, there are a few naysayers still out there, and we find that they point out a few flaws that aren’t quite accurate.

But rather than just tell you that these myths simply aren’t true, our professionals thought it would be best if we took the time to explain why they don’t hold water. So, with more than twenty years of experience and knowledge, Fowler Homes brings you…

The Top Metal Roof Myths: Debunked!

Metal roofs are unattractive

To each his own, and the appearance of a metal roof might not be for everyone. But, with the sheer versatility of metal roofing on the market today, there really is something for everyone. There are innumerable styles, colors and metal types at your disposal, giving a homeowner an even wider range of options than traditional roofing materials. You can even choose a stone-coated metal roof for a more traditional look that still boasts the benefits of metal!

Metal roofs risk lighting strikes

In actuality, a metal roof is safer than other roofing materials. Why? Because metal definitely conducts electricity, but it in no way attracts it. This means the odds are exactly the same (which is to say, extremely small, as lighting very rarely strikes buildings) as your shingle or asphalt roof, but with a much lesser risk of fire with metal.

Metal roofs are noisy during rain

If your roof was solely made of metal sheets, with no form of under-layer, this might have had some validity. But roofs are installed over a pre-existing roof, with rafters, insulation and other materials between your ceiling and the roof. A single skylight would make more noise during rain than your metal roof, guaranteed!

Metal roofs rust

Modern metal roofing materials are treated with a zinc, aluminum or combination coating that resides under a layer of paint. This makes your roof practically impervious to rust.

Hail will dent my roof, damaging it and making it unattractive

While unusually large hail sure can dent a roof, this is very uncommon. Metal roofs are exceptionally durable, and can handle years of abuse from hail with no visible signs of damage. They also boast exceptional wind resistance, and are resistant to other forms of inclement weather as well.

Metal Roofing with Fowler Homes

Why do we feel that it’s so important to address these myths? Because at Fowler Homes, we love our metal roofing. It is a material that boasts more versatility, visual appeal and durability than many other roofing types, and we don’t want our consumers to miss out! The art you can create with a metal roof can be gorgeous, and we want our customers to feel safe and secure in choosing it.

For any other questions regarding metal roofing in Georgia, and how it may benefit your home, contact our experts today. And for more tips, ideas and information, keep an eye on our blog in the future!


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