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Tom B

After a hail storm in 2009, a friend mentioned that he’d had his roof inspected and re-roofed by Fowler Homes, and was very pleased with their work. Since I lived nearby, I asked that Fowler Homes inspect my own home for damage. Then I finally learned the answer to all the roof grit I’d been seeing from my gutters the last year: Hail Damage.

The adjuster for my insurance company met with the Fowlers, saw the same damage, and immediately wrote the roof up as a loss. Fowler Homes was able to replace the roof with better materials and a longer guarantee than the original roof! The crew was very careful to cover shrubs and flowers, and did a great job of clean-up.

I co-own rental property in a county an hour away, and decided to have the Fowler Homes do an inspection on those aging roofs. Both they and the insurance adjuster found storm damage that merited complete re-covering of 6 of the 9 buildings. This insurance company was not as eager to pay as the one for my personal home…. The Fowlers studied the appraiser’s work, and found mis-judgments and errors in the data, and gained an extra 10% insurance coverage for the damage repair.

I’ve found Fowler Homes to be professional yet personable, well aware of market pricing of materials and labor, and common insurance payment procedures. They are willing to work with both the owner and the insurance company through the entire process. My confidence in them is such that I freely give out their phone number, and have actually paid them for repairs that I had not seen at the time!

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  • I wish to take this opportunity to extend my greatest thanks for your service and the professionalism of your company when I contacted you in my time of need.

    -Jason M.
  • For those that need repairs to their homes they must do themselves the favor of contacting Fowler Homes.

    -Bess and John
  • I contracted with Fowler Homes to replace a roof on my house that had been recently damaged by hail. Fowler Homes worked with me and my insurance company with no problems whatsoever.

    -Brad P.