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Category: Additions

Our blogs about home additions.

Room Addition and New Deck in Marietta GA

A customer recently contacted us with a major problem.  A room addition that was completed before she bought her home in Marietta, Georgia, was slowly falling off the back of her home, and multiple attempts to solve the problem weren’t working.  Over the next few months, Fowler Homes completely removed the existing room and redid …

Home Addition In Woodstock Ga By Fowler Homes

Garage/ Family Room Addition In Woodstock Ga Why Add an Addition To Your Woodstock Home? Sometimes moving just isn’t an option, but what do you do when you are running out of space? Many growing families are faced with the tough decision either to find a new home or make the one they have work …

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    Shingles are tiles that are either flat or curved. These tiles interlock with each other to create a protective layer on top of your roof…

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    Metal Roof Leaking At Ridge

    The ridge of any type of roof refers to the peak or the highest point where the 2 adjacent sloping panels come together. On a…

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