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Atlas Chalet Shingle Replacement in Atlanta

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Are your Atlas Chalet shingles deteriorating, blistering, or cracking? If so, you may qualify for a free roof replacement.* What’s so bad about Atlas Chalet shingles? Atlas Chalet roofing shingles use varying color palettes and thickness to create a three-tab shingle with the curb appeal of a true architectural shingle, but lack the longevity and protection of other shingles.

As a result, your roof may experience the following:

  • Shingle deterioration
  • Blister formation
  • Premature cracking
  • Loss of granulation

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& schedule a 15-point roof inspection!

Atlas Chalet Shingle Are Discontinued & Defective

When filing a warranty claim for defective Atlas Chalet shingles, Atlanta homeowners have found Atlas to be very uncooperative and unhelpful. Atlas’ Chalet shingles are equipped with a 30-year warranty, claiming the shingles function as promised for up to 30 years.

This is simply not the case. Atlanta residents with Atlas Chalet shingles installed on their roof are experiencing the painstaking truths with these discontinued and defective shingles. Below are just some of the complaints we’ve heard from area homeowners about their Atlas Chalet shingles:

  • Blistering – Roof shingles blister for a variety of reasons—trapped moisture, poorly ventilated roofs, unfilled insulation joints, and loose material particles, to name a few. Atlas Chalet shingles have shown blistering in as little as one year.
  • Shingle deterioration – Atlas Chalet shingles deteriorate much faster than any roofing shingle should, and failed attempts to reach an agreement with Atlas’ customer service proves the Chalet shingles’ 30-year limited transferable warranty is difficult to claim.
  • Cracking – A typical roof may show cracking after 20 years or more. However, Atlas Chalet shingles have shown to crack in less than one year.
  • Granulation – The Atlas Chalet shingle was manufactured to provide a dimensional appearance in a granule overlay shingle, used to give a high-quality, high-end appearance to mask its defective nature.

Atlas discontinued the Chalet shingle product line due to their many vulnerabilities and lack of protection. If you have Atlas Chalet shingles and notice any of the above symptoms on your roof, call Fowler Homes for a free 15-point roof inspection and to learn if your Atlanta home qualifies for a free roof replacement.*

Do I Have Atlas Chalet Shingles Installed On My Roof?

How do you know if you have Atlas Chalet shingles installed on your roof? Call Fowler Homes. Our roofing experts can quickly identify Atlas Chalet shingles on any Atlanta, GA area home. If you live in Atlanta or any of the following Atlanta suburbs, give us a call for a free 15-point roof inspection:

  • Acworth, GA
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Canton, GA
  • Kennesaw, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • North Atlanta, GA
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • Woodstock, GA

Call 678-335-4712 for Atlas Chalet shingle replacement in the greater Atlanta area!

Free Atlas Chalet Shingle Roof Replacement from Fowler Homes

A single defective Atlas Chalet shingle on your roof could result in a free roof replacement from Fowler Homes.* Since the Chalet shingle is discontinued and no longer manufactured by Atlas, roofing companies in the Atlanta area are unable to repair your roof. Instead, you’ll need an entire roof replacement.

Call Fowler Homes to replace your Atlas Chalet shingles in the Atlanta, GA area—678-335-4712!

*To receive a free roof replacement, please contact your home insurance company to file a claim. Not all insurance companies cover the full cost of Atlas Chalet shingle replacement.

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