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Architectural Shingle Roofing in Canton, Georgia

The roofs of our Canton area homes need to be more than just attractive. We weather seasons of all kinds, from scalding summers to wild winters that bring plenty of ice and snow. At Fowler Homes, we’re focused on offering you solutions and products that can handle the worst of it, which is why we provide complete architectural shingle services.

Featuring top-of-the-line durability and excellent resistances, architectural shingles are also prized for their three-dimensional appearance. This makes them both attractive and excellent for creating a very unique roof.

The certified roofing specialists at Fowler Homes are proud to offer architectural shingles from trusted manufacturers. CertainTeed, GAF, and other major names are known for top-class architectural shingles, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a product that offers much more than good looks. Our contractors can provide you with an unparalleled experience, helping you choose the ideal material and design to suit your needs. We’ve been serving Canton, Marietta, and the greater Atlanta area for over two decades!

Looking to find out more about architectural shingles, or ready for your free consultation? Contact Fowler Homes online now, or call 770-744-5992 to speak to a certified roofer from Fowler today!

What Are Architectural Shingles?

Architectural shingles, also known as dimensional shingles, are a type of higher-grade asphalt shingle. In essence, an architectural shingle is actually two asphalt shingles made of high grade materials—fiberglass and ceramic mineral granules—that have been modified via laminating processes in order to create a far superior product.

Due to the malleability of the materials used, architectural shingles are often created specifically to mimic other roofing materials in a wide range of color and texture options in order to suit the buyer’s individual preferences. They can be made to look like slate or cedar shake, or can be configured in unique “standard” shingle designs as well.

This provides you with a product that looks like whatever you want, but carries none of the inherent weaknesses of the material it is built to look like. Featuring wind resistances of up to 120 mph, UV resistance, high impact resistances, and a barrier against moisture, you get a finished product that can last a lifetime.

Benefits of an Architectural Shingle

While architectural shingles are a slightly higher investment than other options like 3-tab shingles, the initial cost is far outweighed by the sheer number of benefits. Architectural shingles are thicker than 3-tab shingles, which gives them a longer lifespan, greater resistance to flapping in the wind, and due to their construction, they are more resistant to fungi, moss, and algae that can build up in less sunny areas of your home’s roof. With an architectural shingle installation you can expect:

  • Exceptional durability – High-quality materials like ceramic granules and fiberglass matting, as well as a sturdy design process, make architectural shingles tough enough to weather nearly any issue you might encounter in the Canton area, including hail and high winds. They can also protect against black algae stains.
  • Excellent product longevity –  The bottom-line industry standard for architectural shingle warranties is 30 years, but most modern manufacturers offer lifetime warranties. You can expect your new roof to serve you for decades, not just years.
  • Superior design options –  Have a roof that looks like slate, stone or ceramic, cedar shake, or anything else! From there, a homeowner can choose a wide range of color and texture options, making this one of the most customizable roofing options to date.
  • Cost-efficiency – Considering the longevity and malleability of the material, architectural shingles are a very cost-effective option for your new roof.

Is an Architectural Shingle Right for My Roofing Project?

Originally designed in the 1970’s to give shingles the appearance of a cedar shake roof, manufacturers of today’s roofing products have taken the original shaker design and expanded dimensional shingle designs that include:

  • Architectural shingles
  • Designer shingles
  • High-definition shingles
  • Premium and ultra-premium shingles

Every manufacturer has different names for their dimensional style shingles, and they have created designs with the appearance of slate, shake, and tile shingles that are easier to maintain and more durable than traditional shingles. This gives you the assurance that the money you are investing in your home is well spent. Offered in a myriad of colors and styles, architectural shingles add to the appearance of your home and give it better curb appeal while adding value.

Do Architectural Shingles Fit Your Budget?

Whether your goal is to stay in your home for years to come or to sell it in the future, the added cost of your shingles gives you an advantage either way. The added appeal to your home’s appearance can make it more desirable when you do sell your home. Additionally, the return on investment of a new roof has an average of 68 percent, so even though architectural shingles may cost an average of $78 per square compared to $65 for 3-tab shingles, the cost can be worth the value.

Architectural Shingle Roofing Installation in Canton, Marietta & Woodstock

Architectural shingles will set your home apart from the neighbors and give you the assurance that you have a weather-resistant, high-value roof. Years of installing new roofs and replacing old roofs in Canton and surrounding Jasper, Marietta, and Woodstock areas has allowed Fowler Homes to build up a great team of highly skilled and experienced roofers.

Contact us today to discuss your roofing project and we will be happy to come out and go over your plans with you.  All of our meetings are stress-free environments where you will never be pushed to make a decision right away and all of your questions can be answered.  Our team will perform an entire roof inspection and let you know what we find.

Reach our experts online today to discuss your architectural shingle roofing options, or dial 770-744-5992 to speak with a roofing expert in Canton now!

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