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Our Canton Roofing and Home Services

When you need roofers or custom home builders there’s only one choice in the Canton, Georgia area—Fowler Homes! We’ve been offering residential roofing and custom home services for almost 20 years and are the premier roofing company in the Canton area—just ask our customers!

Is your roof leaking? Are you building a home addition? Whatever the project, you can count on us to complete it on time and on budget, all with smiles on our faces. Our Canton roofers and builders are punctual, experienced, and, most importantly, respectful of you and your home. When you need home building services or roofing contractors in the Atlanta, Georgia area, count on us to give you the roof or custom home of your dreams!

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Our Atlanta Roofers Do It All!

Many homeowners have no clue if their roof has been damaged by hail, wind, or rain. This weather can cause extreme damage to your insulation and home’s structure—the resulting mold and water damage can even extend into your walls! Whenever you suspect you may have roof damage, call the premier roofing company in Canton for our services. We offer:

Metal Roofing Services

Metal roofing is the way to go when you’re installing a new roof in the Atlanta area. Not only is it more durable than shingle roofing, but it also lasts longer and look amazing! The average lifespan of a shingle roof is fewer than 20 years—metal roofing can last twice as long! Especially with the weather patterns that we see in the Canton area, you need roofing materials that will stand up to Mother Nature. Metal roofs are the perfect solution to the heavy rains, hail, and wind that arrive each summer. As the premier roofing company in Canton, we offer:

Don’t forget to check out our metal roofing guide!

Custom Home Services

Your home should be completely unique, just like you. It should perfectly suit your needs and aesthetic style. When it comes to your home, don’t settle! Our goal is to provide the custom home that you desire and deserve; we will do everything in our power to make your ideas a reality.

We strive to do much more than simply design and build your custom home. We don’t purchase bulk boxes of cabinets to cut open and drop into place when the time comes. We custom build each individual piece to ensure a perfect fit. You could say that at the end of a new home build, we know your home inside and out.

Whether you are looking to build a completely new residence or add an addition onto your current one, Fowler Homes is the company for you. Contact us today to learn more about our custom homes and additions.

Fowler Homes: Your Trusted Canton Roofers & Home Builders

You deserve the best in roofing and home building services. You want to personalize your project, from custom cabinets and flooring for your new home to special touches for that new addition. You even want choices when it comes to your new roof. From the type of roof material to its color, you want to be able to add your own personality to your project, and we understand that.

We created a company that gives you unmatched satisfaction and coupled with unrivaled quality of work. And that isn’t just sales talk—we truly believe in building long-lasting relationships by treating people honestly and fairly. That’s why we’ve been in business for 20 years.

If hiring a custom home and roofing company that is rooted in honesty, reliability, and integrity is important to you, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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